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Usable Materials »


PN: 11-03836

David Clark H20-10XP Headsets

Made of lightweight advanced composite materials. Features: Portable battery power module accepts connector from headset and connector on communication cord to aircraft. Powered by 6 size AA batteries and has power ON LED, and guarded on/off switch. Dual volume controls let you adjust the level for each ear. Custom comfort head pad suspension system adjusts to your head like a pillow. Gel filled ear seals to contour your ears. Universal flex boom.

Price: R8658.00 including VAT Buy

PN: 11-09629

Lightspeed Zulu.2 Headset — Dual GA Plugs

A distinctive new look, the ultimate blend of design, technology and high performance. Features: Magnesium ear cup, superior at blocking out high frequency noise, weighing in at about 13 ounces. The stainless steel headband provides lightweight durability and excellent cabin clearance. Bluetooth connectivity, cell phone/music connection. ComPriority - never miss important radio communications as it lowers the volume of an auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions.

Price: R9570.00 including VAT Buy

PN: 11-08459

ALPHABEAM LED Landing & Taxi Lights

Drop-in replacement lights for traditional incandescent lights. Features: Solid state technology designed for durability and long life. Greatly improves visibility for night landing and taxi operations. Patented optical design draws less power, reduced maintenance costs & meets all environmental requirements. No need to modify or alter existing incandescent mounting. Moisture resistant.

Price: R3414.00 including VAT Buy

PN: M000411

LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant

Dries fast, resists oil, dust and dirt build-up. Loosens rusted or frozen parts. Resists film build-up. Has a non-flammable propellant and is ideal for delicate mechanisms.

Quantity: 12 Units
Price: R969.00 including VAT Buy

PN: M000408

LPS 2 Industrial Strength

Provides a non-drying, light oily film for use on indoor or outdoor equipment. Displaces moisture, provides up to one year protection and has a non-flammable propellant.

Quantity: 12 Units
Price: R1311.00 including VAT Buy

PN: M000410

LPS 3 Heavy-Duty Rust Inhibitor

Protects by leaving a soft, self-healing, waxy film that resists moisture. Protects up to two years, stops rust and corrosion. Provides an anti-seize coating, providing non-sling lubrication.

Quantity: 12 Units
Price: R1243.00 including VAT Buy

PN: 1045457

Phillips X/C Aviation Oil 20W50

Designed for use in opposed piston and radial type aviation engines. An ashless dispersant containing mineral oils available in multi-viscosity grades that offer distinct benefits and improved performance over single-viscosity grade oils. X/C Aviation Oil will outperform any single-grade oil under all weather conditions and is recommended for year-round use.

Quantity: 12 Units
Price: R727.00 including VAT Buy

PN: TO2380

BP Turbo Oil 2380

Provides a balanced combination of thermal and oxidation stability, load carrying capacity, lower volatility and has the best low temperature flow characteristics of all 5 cSt turbine oils. Recommended for the lubrication of most aircraft gas turbines and accessories. It is also recommended for the lubrication of aero-derived gas turbines in industrial power generation, offshore and marine applications.

Quantity: 24x1 quart
Price: R3953.00 including VAT Buy

Motion Sickness Bags:

Designed to provide secure sealing and easy disposability without causing a mess suitable for both adults & children. Made from heavy duty plastic and come in different colors; which can also be personalized with company logos / slogans. Queasy bags do not stop motion sickness but they will help you deal with it in a discreet manner

Price: R7.40 including VAT Buy

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